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  1. Managing Director
    The Salvation Army - Giving Hope Today in Thunder Bay
    We believe that every person has potential and that there is hope for the future.
  2. Managing Director
    From Their Kettle to Our Kettle
    Captain Lori Mitchell and Michael Lemesani at Canadian Tire - $1.00 from every bag of Pop's Kettle Corn sold in Canadian Tire stores will support the work of The Salvation Army.
  3. Managing Director
    Kettle Kickoff 2015
    Captain Lori with members of the Thunder Bay Clown Club at Intercity Mall on November 19, 2015
  4. Managing Director
    Christmas dinner at the Valhalla Inn
    A grandmother and granddaughter enjoying dinner and fun at the Valhalla Inn on December 13
  5. Managing Director
    Thanksgiving Dinner with the Thunder Bay Firefighters
    Members of the TB Firefighters prepare a delicious Thanksgiving dinner for clients and community members at The Salvation Army
  6. Managing Director
    Toys for Tots 2015
    Volker Kromm has an armful of toys for the campaign - thanks to all the bikers who came out to support our work
  7. Managing Director
    Toy Mountain - Cranton Wellness Centre
    Captain Lori and staff of Cranton Wellness Centre with toys brought in by patrons of the centre - over 400 toys were donated in total.
  8. Managing Director
    Kettle Campaign 2015
    Many friends and volunteers manned the kettles and helped us bring in over $200,000 in five weeks!
  9. Managing Director
    Food bank
    The Food bank serves approximately 150 households per month in Thunder Bay.
  10. Managing Director
    Red Cap
    In partnership with the Thunder Bay Community Church, the Red Cap program (Anger Management for children) teaches children to recognize and manage their emotions.
  11. Managing Director
    Feeding Ministries (Soup Van)
    Every day of the year the soup van feeds about 100 people on the streets of Thunder Bay
  12. Managing Director
    Community Kitchen
    Clients learn how to cook healthy meals on the last Friday of each month
  13. Managing Director
    Correctional Services
    We house 8 federal parole clients who are transitioning back into the community
  14. Managing Director
    Life Skills
    We teach life skills to help men transitioning into independence
  15. Managing Director
    Homes for Special Care (HSC)
    Men with mental health issues find a safe haven
  16. Managing Director
    Men and women living with mental or developmental challenges live independently with supports
  17. Managing Director
    Field of Greens
    Sponsored by the Port Arthur Rotary Club, this garden provides fresh produce for our kitchen and food bank.
  18. Managing Director
    545 Cumberland Street North
    Our site since 1971
  19. Managing Director
    Santa Shuffle 2015
    Gail Kromm, Santa and Captain Lori enjoy the nice weather in December - over 200 people walked and ran in the Santa Shuffle on December 5
  20. Managing Director
    Santa Shuffle 2015
    All the people enjoying food and fun after the 5K walk/run
  21. Managing Director
    Toys for Tots 2015
    Bikers from all around northwestern Ontario came to ride and donate toys and money for our Christmas campaign
  22. Managing Director
    Toys for Tots 2015
    Some of the toys brought in by the bikers
  23. Managing Director
    Toys for Tots 2015
    And still more...
  24. Managing Director
    Emergency Disaster Services
    The crew prays with victims of a disaster
  25. Managing Director
    Music Therapy
    Every week, clients learn how to play different musical instruments - music soothes the savage beast! Thanks to the Thunder Bay Community Foundation for the funds to make this happen.
  26. Managing Director
    Read My Story
    A sample silhouette from the Journey to Life Dinner - guests were invited to "Step into my Shoes" to experience what it would be like to be homeless.
  27. Managing Director
    Jesse busking at the Journey to Life Dinner
    Jesse Dykxhoorn, Chaplain at TBCARS, acts as a busker at our Journey to Life Dinner in March
  28. Managing Director
    Food Comparison
    At the Journey to Life Dinner, guests were shown the difference between what Canada's food guide says a healthy 35 year old man should eat, compared to what an average street-involved person would eat in a day.
  29. Managing Director
    Mock Encampment
    Miles Paavola shares his personal experience of living on the streets, with guests at the Journey to Life Dinner in March
  30. Managing Director
    Step into my Shoes
    Guests read real-life stories from clients at the Journey to Life Dinner in March
  31. Managing Director
    Salvation Choir
    The Salvation Choir, made up of Habitat residents and community volunteers, favours the crowd with some beautiful singing at the Journey to Life Dinner in March.
  32. Managing Director
    Journey to Life Dinner
    About 150 people enjoyed a wonderful event at the Valhalla Inn in March.
  33. Managing Director
    Joe Roberts, Skidrow CEO
    The guest speaker at the Journey to Life Dinner shared his personal experience of going from living under a bridge to running his own company, thanks to the love of his mom and the help of the Salvation Army and other similar agencies.
Help us to Help Them

If you want to make your community better for yourself, make it better for them

Sometimes a person just needs a hand up - it is easy to lose confidence or hope when life doesn't seem to go your way.  We want to be able to give that hand up - and we need you to help.  You will notice a difference in the city when you help to make a difference to a person in need.